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About "BENNY..."

"Benny" will stay with you long after you've put it down. Told by Benny himself, the story draws you in on the first page, and continues to intrigue and surprise as Benny relives his explosive past, culminating in this bloody confrontation with his beloved Rosa.  

An old man now, Benny sits in his tiny apartment in Riverside California, and stares at his bloody hands, unable to move. Rosa is ignoring his pleas for help. He wonders if he is responsible for this carnage. How could he be? If women would only treat him like he deserves, this would never happen. How many times has he warned them?

Mother always told him he was her special boy—the most talented and best-looking of all his friends. So why can’t Benny's wives and lovers treat him that way? As he struggles to understand the attack that has left him in a pool of his own blood, he recalls in detail the calculated torment he has inflicted upon those closest to him.

This psychological suspense, told across a shifting chronology, portrays the life of an angry sociopath, the effects on his family and lovers, and the retribution he finally receives from the least likely of sources.

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