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"...Wow. At one point, I had to put it down because Benny was driving me crazy. I picked it up again and just could not put it down.  I actually stayed up til 3 am to complete the book. What a twist at the end. I loved it!!" -Nancy N (10-16)


"If you’re looking for a page turner, Benny: A Special Boy fills the bill with a riveting and unsettling tale about an abusive man manipulating and controlling those around him even as his age and health are in decline. A psychological thriller with a surprising twist at the end, the story is not for the faint hearted as Author Jeff Flagel takes the reader inside the mind of a dangerous abuser and spares no detail about his disturbing thoughts and the shocking things he does to maintain his sense of superiority and 'specialness.' It’s an intimate horror show, and also a toxic love story, where the shock factor never lets up as Benny, despite his declining health, and perhaps because of it, continues on a downward, merciless spiral with no remorse for the physical and spiritual pain he inflicts on a daily basis to those around him, including a woman who inexplicably loves him. With a satisfying twist at the end, Flagel’s detailed account of an abusive man, and all those he hurts with his hatred and insecurity, will give you the chills and leave you rattled and numb." -Carolyn M (9-16)

"Benny-'A Special Boy'" is unlike any book I’ve ever read. The way the characters develop as the chapters weave in and out of past and present tense kept me turning pages to unravel every twist. I found myself trying to piece intricately woven events together to make sense of the main character’s insanity, all while reading through the lens of a man who made me cringe with shock. Benny threw me through such a loop that when I got to the end of the story, I immediately read it again! I bought a copy for my mom and she called me within days to rave about Jeffrey Flagel's writing and thank me. We're both hoping for more from this author! -Amazon Reader (9-16)

"As an avid reader, I was anxious to read Benny.  The book didn’t disappoint.  It grabbed me from the first page and was so compelling that I read it in one sitting.  The Benny characters are descriptive, and the interaction of the family is intriguing.  Benny, himself, is the star although he is disturbing in the extreme.  His interactions with women and his mother gave me much to think about.  I recommend the book to readers especially those who like family drama and the psychology that drives them all." -Marlene F (8-16)

"The movement back and forth through Benny's life - past, present, and future really got me. I kept waiting for him to mellow in his age and it just didn't happen! I'd finish a chapter and shake my head at Benny, then I'd just pick the book right up and get another chapter under my belt. This book was masterfully written! Please keep them coming!" -Ray H (8-16)


"I read BENNY, A "Special Boy" in one sitting and was deeply impressed by your insight into the psyche of such a complex character.  Bravo!" -Steven B (8-16)

"Prepare yourself for "Benny".  It is a powerful and engaging study of a man you will not forget.  This author has drawn with words a portrait of a man who believes he is perfect and can do no wrong-ever.  The question of why and how he became that way is for you to decide. It is an incredible read and I am looking forward to more of Jeffrey Flagel's work." -NN (8-16)


"This story had me riveted from the first page! You are such a wonderful storyteller; I was so into the story I think you have found your calling! When can we expect the next one?" -Pat C (8-16)

"Rarely have I met a fictional character that elicited such emotion in me as Benny did. How could anyone be so twisted? I found myself putting the book down in frustration and anger only to pick it back up again, needing to find out what was coming next. Cleverly written from the perspective of the present to the past and back again, “Benny - A 'Special Boy'” kept my attention through every page to an unexpected ending. I hope to read more from Jeffrey Flagel!" -Rebecca M (8-4-16)

"I just finished reading Benny, A "Special Boy." ...If you're looking for something good to read this is it!" -Jen Y (8-16)

"I really enjoyed the book! I do a lot of reading and I found that it kept my interest and I looked forward to each chapter. I must admit that Benny was a disturbing character. I was not expecting it to end the way it did but that is a good thing. The storyline was not predictable. I plan on sharing the book with my mother and sister who are also voracious readers. I am looking forward to his next book!" -Terri B (8-3-16)

"Just finished the book! HOLY MOLY! I wouldn't call myself a huge reader. Actually I'm not at all; but after reading the first few pages, I couldn't put it down! If you are thinking about reading this book, all I can say is DO IT! You won't regret it...because let's be real Benny has a lot he should be regretting...." -Jessie T (8-16)

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